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We can't always blame the banks for our financial woes

Readers weigh in on pop bands, scams, speeches and more

We can't always blame our money problems on the banks. Silvia Razgova / The National
We can't always blame our money problems on the banks. Silvia Razgova / The National

I refer to your article The Debt Panel: Unemployed real estate agent blames his Dh50,000 debt on UAE banks luring him in with 'dreams' (September 19). Why is the debt incurred by individuals always blamed on others? People's wreckless decisions always seem to be someone else's fault these days.

Name withheld by request

Leaving children inside cars seems to be a global trend

I refer to your story Dubai Police save two children from locked cars two days in a row (September 16). How can this even happen? And why are parents who leave their children inside their cars not arrested? If this were to happen on a school bus or if a caretaker were to forget children inside a vehicle, I’m sure they would have been immediately fined. Why is there no deterrent for parents to stop making such reckless decisions?

Tanya Milbourne, Abu Dhabi

If that happened in Canada, it would most likely be classified as neglect and the children would be handed over to social services.

James Fildes, Dubai

Why would anyone ever lock anyone, let alone a child, in a car in such scorching temperatures?

Jeff Gray, Dubai

This seems to be a regular occurrence around the globe. A few months ago, two kids got locked up in their dad’s car, which was left in the sun. They found them suffocated a few hours later.

Name withheld by request

This seems to be a worldwide trend these days.

Mandana Ziaei, Dubai

Some of the best camels come from abroad

In reference to your article Camels sell for millions at Adihex auction in Abu Dhabi (September 16), interestingly, some of the best camels are Australian.

Ela Jayne, Abu Dhabi

Isn't it about time Take That give it a rest ... for good?

In reference to your article British pop group Take That to perform in Dubai (September 20), this band is way past its time. When are these guys going to give up and give it a rest?

Louise Phillips, United Kingdom

South Korea may not be thrilled with Trump's remarks

I refer to your article Trump blasts Iran deal, threatens to destroy North Korea in UN address (September 19). I'm not sure South Korea would have been too happy to hear that in the speech.

Andrew Allan, Abu Dhabi

Can we have more details on fake gold scam?

In reference to your article Abu Dhabi Police seize 27kg of fake gold jewellery (September 19), would it be possible for The National to share the brand of this jewellery and location of the shops in which it was sold?

Daniel Rose, Abu Dhabi

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